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Former WVU Players in Professional Basketball
Gettin' Schmitty
6/7/2011 4:56 pm
From Originally, Lester WV, now, Richmond, "East" Virginia
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The basketball team has not had the same level of success with players going on to play in the NBA as the football team has had with players going to the NFL. That is likely the same situation for most schools given that some many schools play Division I basketball. In any event, I thought that it would be worth noting when WVU players do well professionally, wherever they may be. So here goes one such note:

Juwan Staten just released his 2016-17 highlight video for the past season with the Salon Vilpas Vikings in Finland. The team is a member of the highest level professional team in Finland. He is the first off the bench most games, but he still leads the team in scoring (slightly) and assists, and his team lost the league championship. The video is vintage Staten (including the rainbow jumper from the foul line).

Youtube video

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