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WVU, Big XII, College Basketball News Thread
8/28/2006 11:40 am
From Parkersburg, WV
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The Home Page News & Info section does not seem to want to accept many of the news articles attempted to be added there, so I am starting this thread, until those issues can be resolved if they are, indeed, resolvable.

If you have a news story about WVU Basketball, Big XII Basketball or College Basketball, in general, please post the link here.

You are welcome to continue to post links anywhere else you desire as well, but this can serve as the news link collection thread for those who like to just go to one place for their news.

Just add the link and give it a title when you add it if you wish.

It would be preferable if we didnt add comments to this thread, only links, so that you can always easily access the most recent news without scrolling.

Thank you.

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